Thursday, March 16, 2017

For 10 days I:
1.     sat quietly for at least 15 minutes with focus on #45's higher self;
2.     made note of processes, failures, and epiphanies;­
3.     made images relating to this process.


Day 1, February 28, 2017
15 minutes

Many images arose. Difficulty sending good energy to #45 until noticing my own energy: anxious, upset and angry.

Saw Caravaggio painting—Saul of Tarsus who, after his revelation, fell from his horse. Hopeful. Could #45 not be struck down from his gilded chair or his golf cart in a similar way, dramatic revelation fashion after seeing the compassionate light?

Caravaggio's "Conversion of St. Paul" with #45 golf cart frame

Day 2, March 1, 2017
15 minutes  
Sent energy to #45. A relief, his speech was not crazy or overtly scary. Fantasy (totally!): my compassionate visualization had reached him. 

Distressed bird screeched for 10 minutes, reflecting state of Union and/or my own mental state?  
Saw: Bannon with impenetrable concrete aura. 

Day 3, March 2, 2017
20 minutes  
(Same?) bird screeched. Have not looked at news yet, and that is why I don't feel anxious and worried for welfare of the planet and all its people. Expect this state to pass and turn into the "daily fret."  
Saw: #45 and Bannon as babies, open to loving energy, undamaged by home and culture. 

Day 4, March 3, 2017
20 minutes

If I am sending light to #45, should I not at the same time send it to everyone else? 
Saw: a wall with everyone in the world on one side and two people who came to mind on the other. Apparently, with my own wall keeping certain people out, I am not that much different from 45However, noticed a small hole in wall. It enabled me to send a little light energy to outcasts on the other side.

Day 5, March 4, 2017
30 minutes  
No energy to send—good or bad. Distress level is high due to #45 generated chaos and Congress' dismantling environmental protection, health care, checks on big business. Add the physical attacks, threats against Muslims, mosques, Jewish cemeteries and centers.  
Saw: open window with filmy white curtain blowing outward and upward, and mandala of sorts with heads of 45, Pence, Bannon, Sessions, Ryan, and McConnell extending outward in rows from the center.

Day 6, March 5, 2017
30 minutes  
Do space and form extend to macro and microcosmic infinity? Laniakea the supercluster, stretches over 520 million light years and is composed of 100,000 galaxies in which earth is a tiny speck. This grand truth puts our earthly concerns, such as #45 and the Constitution in perspective. However, it does not invalidate them.  
Saw: 45 sitting in Laniakea and playing golf at Mar-a-Lago.

The gold cart marks the location of our galaxy in the universe.

Day 7, March 6, 2017
25 minutes
Sending positive energy to #45 and his gang only works when it is directed toward their uncorrupted, innocent selves. And only when I acknowledge I want to see them fall from their metaphorical golf carts, gilded chairs, and horses, not necessarily in epiphanies—but in loss of power.   
Good will to the sinner, not the sin—and especially when he's out of power and no longer able to do harm.  

#45 falling from power and/or into enlightenment with Caravaggio's Saul

Day 8, March 7, 2017
15 minutes  
Outrageous—in a tweet to accuse Obama of wiretapping! Focusing on #45, after today's presidential train wreck sadly, I see a crook, a racist, a liar, an autocrat, and most egregious—someone who brings out the worst in all of us. Is the man behind the mask the same as the mask?  Have my biased Facebook feed and news sources affected my perception of 45? Does my news simply reflect what I want to think? 
Saw: 45 as an icon, a poster boy for self obsession—money, sex, power, and fear.

a pall—appall—appalled

Day 9 March 8,
15 minutes  
The quality of resistance is important. From where is my reactivity arising? 
Gandhi's passive resistance toppled the British government in India. Cosmic irrelevance—we are minute particles in this cosmos coexisting with earthly relevance. And yes, human suffering and earth's environment still matters.

We are in the universe and the universe is in us—in the most unlikely places.

Day 10, March 9
25 minutes  
Note to self: resistance means not reacting in kind. Be compassionate to ALL, perform individual acts of kindness, and if you cannot do that—be aware of it. Continue to make phone calls, march, make art, and do whatever feels right. 

P.S. Mocking and laughing at those in power feels right. 

End! Rump!

Marya Roland 
(Sixtyni Yogini)